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STEVEN SPIELBERG signed autographed photo Jaws COA Hologram

STEVEN SPIELBERG signed autographed photo Jaws COA Hologram

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Steven Spielberg signed Jaws photo! Our certificate documents also include signature date and location origins!

SIGNED 8 X 10 PHOTO Complete with matching numbered Hologram and a fine quality cloth paper COA document . Photos ship in a protective plastic sleeve, USPS tracking is provided for all orders. Items generally ship the next day but no later than 5 business days. Buy with confidence With over 40 years of experience in the Memorabilia Hobby, we are the "Go To" source for autographs If this item is currently listed and active then it is available and will display until it is sold out.

 Are you ready to dive into a sea of cinematic nostalgia with one of Hollywood's most cherished memorabilia items? Imagine owning a piece of film history, a Steven Spielberg signed photo from the iconic thriller 'Jaws'. This isn't just any collectible; it's a tangible connection to the genius of Spielberg and a hallmark of 1970s pop culture. As a dedicated enthusiast with years spent scouring auctions and exhibits, I can tell you that a Spielberg autograph on a 'Jaws' still resonates with the excitement of the blockbuster that redefined summer movies forever. With Spielberg's signature etched onto it, this photograph is more than just ink on paper; it's a symbol of the awe-inspiring power of storytelling that has impacted audiences and filmmakers alike for generations.



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