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MICHAEL JACKSON MADONNA signed autographed photo COA Hologram (Copy)

MICHAEL JACKSON MADONNA signed autographed photo COA Hologram (Copy)

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Madonna and Michael Jackson signed photo! Our certificate documents also include signature date and location origins!

 Michael Jackson and Madonna signed photo 8 x 10. Complete with matching numbered Hologram and a fine quality cloth paper COA document . Photos ship in a protective plastic sleeve, USPS tracking is provided for all orders. Items generally ship the next day but no later than 5 business days. Buy with confidence With over 40 years of experience in the Memorabilia Hobby, we are the "Go To" source for autographs If this item is currently listed and active then it is available and will display until it is sold out.

 Imagine the exhilarating rush of holding a piece of music royalty in your very hands—how does it feel to trace the loops of ink where Madonna and Michael Jackson once placed their signatures? Icons of the pop world, these superstars have not only shaped the soundtrack of generations but have also left behind autographs that are as sought-after as hidden treasures. As a fervent collector and a music enthusiast who has spent years researching the provenance of celebrity memorabilia, I've stumbled upon fascinating facts, such as the startling increase in value of authentic Madonna and Michael Jackson autographs over recent decades. Isn't it incredible to consider that a simple gesture of pen to paper can capture the essence of legends, turning ordinary items into extraordinary keepsakes? Join me as we dive into the captivating world of collecting these signatures, each one telling its own silent yet vibrant story.

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